Reconditioned Batteries To Save Money

Battery Reconditioning Works

First and foremost, this isn’t some miracle solution, even though some people consider it a secret technique. Let’s be clear – this is no scam – you can’t continue to use the same old batteries forever – battery reconditioning is about getting more out of your existing cells, not giving them the gift of eternal life.

What we’re talking about is reducing the frequency with which you need to buy new batteries form the store, by extending the life of what you already own and use. In time, you will need replacements, but Battery clinic BCH uses a simple and surprisingly under-utilized and unknown technique that he’s demonstrated to thousands of people who can now benefit.

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Battery restoration

Your batteries are restored in 24 hours and our service is guaranteed. At "Battery Clinic" we are trying to minimize your costs and therefore restoration & reanimation services we perform don’t exceed 25% of the cost of a new battery of the similar type.

Restored batteries will perform as good as new and in many cases even better, the lifespan will be increased up to 4 times and charge holding capacity will be returned close to its factory state. You will save money and increase your batteries’ efficiency enabling superior performance and longevity.

By eliminating or reversing sulphate with “Battery Power” technology, thousands of dollars can be saved in electrical system maintenance, battery replacement and energy costs, as well as the amount of working capital tied up in batteries. Moreover, staff and equipment productivity can improve dramatically.

Batteries we reconditioned

You can actually save a lot of money by reconditioning your batteries. Every time your battery fail, you will recondition it instead of buying a new one. Not to mention that this is environmental friendly, because you will repair them and use it again, instead of throwing them away. Recycling is good thing, but recycling procedure in factories is very toxic and have negative effect on nature. By reconditioning your own batteries there’s no negative impact on nature..

  • 90%
    Lead Acid car batteries
  • 80%
    Deep-Cycle Marine Batteries
  • 70%
    Gel batteries
  • 95%
    Lithium Ion batteries (Li-Ion)
  • 98%
    Lithium Polymer batteries (Li-Po)

Team work

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Forklift Battery Servicing

Servicing a forklift battery is almost identical to servicing a regular 12 volt automotive battery. These tests should be performed monthly if you want to get the longest possible life from your very expensive electric forklift batteries.

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Battery post and terminals Replace

Corroded battery terminals can cause more problems than just poor starting.Replace your car's badly corroded battery cable terminals with new ones in about an hour. New terminals and new post.

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Aircraft Battery Services

Our battery servicing capabilities include:NiCad Deep cycle, repair, capacity check, test & re-certify Sealed Cell NiCad Batteries and Lead Acid Batteries Charge, capacity check, test & re-certify Emergency Power Supplies Deep cycle, capacity check, test & re-certify Inspection and test of various temperature switches and overheat switches

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Battery Management systems

Our machine for discharging, desulfating, and recharging all types of lead-acid batteries. It uses a high frequency pulsation process to break down the accumulation of extremely hard lead sulfate crystals, which is the main reason for capacity and efficiency loss..